Want to be a New Member or New Associate Member then download an application form
2016 Mildenhall Cricket Club Application Form.pdf  (Still current)

For existing members



Membership brings many benefits – don’t become a dodo by making your membership expire!




  • Players and officials have access to club insurance (the annual cost of insurance is equivalent to 25 senior playing members’ annual fees)




  • Benefit from subsidised food and drink
  • Free hire of the club house for family functions (we endeavour to keep this free of charge, but from time-to-time may need to ask for a contribution towards the cost if paid bar staff are required)
  • Adults have access to up to 3 games of cricket a week
  • Access to overseas professional coaching
  • Hot food before and after games
  • Indoor cricket and darts during the winter
  • Free wi-fi at the club house

We are now collecting subs for the 2019 season and  this year we are giving the option of paying online.

*See footnote on collection of match fees and travel

This will also allow you to pay in instalments if you wish, however if you choose to do so all instalments must be paid by 30 September 2018.

For example 5 monthly payments of £15 between March and August =£100

If you wish to pay by installments you may download a Bank Mandate form by clicking on the following linkMCC Standing Order Form. 

Please can you also provide details of who and what type of subscription the payments are for.

Mark Thurston    
4 Wells Court
IP28 7BW

or e-mail  

To confirm our bank details are
Bank Account Details
A/C Name:Mildenhall Cricket Club Current A/C
Bank A/C No:03405141
Sort Code: 20-44-51


Annual*: -

a.             Associate (ie, social) £15

b.            Full Member £50

c.             Senior Playing £100

d.            Playing in F/T Ed (15yrs+, Saturday) £50        

e.             Ladies £50  

f.              First Child*  £50

            Second Child £20

            Third Child £15

* The fee paid by parents for junior players in the All Stars Cricket programme constitutes their membership to the club for the season.

Match Fees*: -

a.             Senior              Saturday -          £9                                                                    Sunday -            £8 

b.         Ladies    £8

c.            Playing in F/T Ed           Saturday -         £8                                                       Sunday -           £7          

d.        Sunday Academy £3

With the success of our new system for collecting fees, the club has decided it will continue to collect fees in the same way this year. 

Simplistically each player will have a season's account which will build up week by week as they play. It is then the aim to circulate this spreadsheet to all playing members so they can see how their personal liability stands. You will also be able to see your fellow players standing so please feel free to 'manage' your fellow players on a weekend if they are a long way in arrears.

The aim is to create a simple system for collections which can be primarily cash free, although your captains will be happy to take cash on the day if this is what you prefer, and they will declare payment for you for that match. For non-cash transactions, electronic payments need to be made into the club's bank account, but please make sure you state your name and what the payment is for as there will be a lot of transactions to filter and poorly labelled payments may get missed. You can pay monthly amounts if this makes things easier than weekly, and if you wish payments can be made up front and will be credited to your account. We do not wish for accounts to accrue debts of longer than a month so prompt regular payments will be appreciated.

The workings of the account are as follows:

  • Your account will accumulate costs through playing. Match fees as per the website - £9 for adults, £8 for juniors on Saturdays; £8 and £7 respectively for Sundays; £3 for Sunday Academy games. However there is a discounted Sunday rate of £5/player for anyone playing both Saturday and Sunday. Please note if your game is called of on a Saturday then the discount does not apply. Your account will also show your membership subscription liability and payments.
  • You will receive credits to your account for providing teas and driving.  Please note no cash will change hands on a game day for teas or mileage due to there being no match fee cash about:
    • Teas are paid at £30/event;
    • Mileage will be paid as per the club policy. Mileage is only paid for journeys to venues that are further than 15 miles from Wamil Way.  For journeys further than 15 miles from Wamil Way, mileage is calculated as the distance from Wamil Way to the opposition's ground, at the rate of 15p/mile travelled:
      • If you travel alone, you will be reimbursed your actual mileage, at the rate of 15p/mile, up to a maximum of your match fee for that game (for example, a cap of £9 for a Saturday senior match);  
      • If you take one or more additional players then the 15p allowance counts for each mile driven.
      • As an example, a Saturday senior player taking themselves and an extra player to Halstead (70 miles round trip for this example) would receive reimbursement of 70x15p = £10.50. If the player only takes themselves, then it would be capped at their match fee of £9.
  • We will be reliant on your match day captains to confirm who has provided teas and who has driven and with any passengers for a particular game. Any dispute over credits for a particular game will need to be taken up directly with your captain.


If you have any questions please let me know


Martin Kingdon
Membership Secretary

We hope everyone enjoys their Cricket