MILDENHALL CRICKET CLUB - A walk starting from the Cricket Club

If you are a visitor to the area or the idea of watching your husband or boyfriend play cricket all afternoon seems a little daunting,there is a beautiful walk that is just over 5 miles long and takes about 2 hours to complete. It passes the Cricket Club on both sides of the ground and therefore you can make it shorter if you want to.This walk is sourced from "AA Book of 1000 Walks in Britain". You may wish to start your walk from our car park at weekends and then join us for a refreshing drink in the pavilion and maybe watch cricket from the boundary.You would be very welcome.

In the early spring of 2014 The pathway between the Cricket Club passing Wamil Hall gateway and onward to West Row was tarmacked, making for an easy walk

  The Skies Above Mildenhall a walk