HARBORD (Bill) ABBS 1916 -2002

Before the 2nd World war Bill played his cricket in his native county of Norfolk.He came to Mildenhall after the war to work at Haggars bakery .He joined the club in 1946 and for many years was its leading batsman, captain and secretary.In 1948 he was the first Mildenhall batsman to score 1000 in a season.He retired from playing in1968 and then became President in 1970 and remained so  until his death in 2002

STEVE COOKE 1929-2014

Joined Mildenhall late 40's early 50's. left hand bat, wicketkeeper. Captained the club in the 60's and early 70's. Was a prominent member of the MCC bingo team (along with Mary his first  wife) that worked every Friday night at the old Comet cinema raising funds that helped to buy the Wamil Way ground. He was made a Life Vice President in 1985. Two of his sons, Trevor and Chris have played regularly for the club.


Joined the club in the late 40s after serving in the RAF. He would reward team members with a sweet (Spangles) when he felt they deserved it and was well known for leading the post match card school. The epitome of an ex RAF man tall up right and moustached and always the Ladies Man-wives and girl friends loved him. He took over the Chairmanship in 1975  and helped steer the club into league cricket. He held the post until 1991.

RICHARD (Rick) HANDY 1968 -2012

In 1982 Rick was part of  the ‘new wave’ that played for Mildenhall when the club became the last big club in West Suffolk to join league cricket. His love of the game came at a the very early age, having two elder brothers (Ian and Lou) playing for Mildenhall as young teenagers. He was just nine when he got a call to play for the club at short notice.

He was a powerful top-order batsman whose name was always one of the first on the selection sheet. The ‘new wave’ factor was also evident in the improvement of fielding standards in the team and Rick was quick in the outfield and a safe pair of hands with catches. He helped Mildenhall grow from a social cricket side into one that could compete in the Two Counties Division One and win the Suffolk Cup for the first time.



Roger joined the club after the war having served in the navy.He had landed on Omagh Beach on D-Day. He was a right hand bat and was of the the first Captains of Mildenhall 2nd X1 when it formed in the late 50's. He was a prominent member of the committee that moved the club to Wamil Way. He and his wife Marjorie were ever present at social activities throughout his playing days and was a Life Vice President for well over 30 years until his death in 2013

BRIAN VALE  1937-2012

Joined the club 1960 and played as a quick bowler. Brian was the instigator of bringing regular bingo to Mildenhall, starting in rooms behind the White Hart, before transfering to a regular Friday night session at the Comet Cinema( site now occupied by Kingdom Hall,North Terrace). It was as a result of this iniative that the club were able to secure funds that along with grants enabled the club in 1970 to buy the ground at Wamil Way. Brian was forever known as Brian "Bingo" Vale

JOHN (JACK) YOUNGS  1950-1992

Jack started in 1967 and was known as a fast right arm  bowler . Over the years he developed into a proper alrounder,able to open the batting and whilst captaining the second X1 he donned the gloves and was an excellent keeper. In his mid thirties he forced his way back into the 1st X1 as a quick bowler. He was proir to his death the clubs fixture secretary.He was also for twenty years a regular member of the Dinner Dance committee and took part in their annual cabaret. His son Andrew is our current 2nd X1 Captain.

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