MILDENHALL CRICKET CLUB - Philosophy/Mission Statement/Selection Policy

Mildenhall Cricket Club Philosophy

It is our philosophy that players representing the Club are expected to maintain high standards of conduct and sportsmanship both on and off the field. Captains have the duty of informing any player should their conduct fall below expected standards. They will always support the appointed umpires. All members are expected to assist in the running of the Club by undertaking the tasks asked of them, in particular, ground maintenance

"As in victory so in defeat"

Mission Statement

Our goal is to be East Anglia's premier cricket club. In so doing, MCC will be abe to attract quality players to the club who in conjunction with home grown talent can compete in the highest league. This is to be achieved by playing hard and fair cricket. MCC also seeks to actively promote and develop youth cricket whilst providing facilities for the expansion of the game to all members of society.

Selection Policy

Players need to make sure they have registered their availability on the Club website or with one of the 4 captains. The website can be filled in well in advance of matches.

Teams will be published on Wednesday evenings. The team lists will include contact numbers for the relevant captains and vice captains.

The First X1 will be selected and then the Second X1, the Third X1 and finally the Fourth X1. If there are concerns regarding the "balance" of a team they should be discussed between the relevant captains. For example, If it is a 3rd/4th team issue, then those two captains need to discuss the selection problem and inform the Chairman of the Cricket and Coaching Committee.Players are only to move across 2 or more teams (ie. from 1-4 or 4-2) with full agreement of the player concerned. If there is no agreement to solve any issue then the outcome will be decided by the said Chairman.

If captains have any difficulty with a player regarding selection, they should inform the Chairman of the Cricket and Coaching Committee who will try and resolve the problem. Likewise any player with complaints or concerns regarding selection should also contact the said Chairman

Chairman of the Cricket and Coaching Committee 

Nick Alllen 07968 945339