All members should be aware of the clubs rules and policies. To assist with our clubmark accreditation members should place YES in the induction and understanding box on their PROFILE PAGE to indicate their understanding of the club rules and where they can find them.

Rules of the Mildenhall Cricket club

1.  The Club shall be called the Mildenhall Cricket Club.  

2.  The club is formed to provide for the members, facilities for cricket and social Club life and to encourage members to take an interest in the game of cricket. The club is of a non-profit making nature and therefore requires any surplus income or gains to be reinvested in the club and does not permit any distribution of club assets, in cash or in kind to members or third parties with the exception of donations to Charities or other Community Amateur Sports clubs. 

3.  Membership shall be open to all, irrespective of age gender, disability, race, etnic origin, creed, colour, social status and sexual orientation. Children below the age of sixteen may be elected as junior members without right to hold office or exercise the power of voting. The club is committed to ensuring that all members, under the age of eighteen years, will have safe and positive experience within the guidelines as recommended by the English and Wales Cricket Board (E.C.B.) and other statutory bodies.

4.  Every candidate for admission as a member shall apply in writing to the secretary. The decision of the Committee on such application shall be by a simple majority vote. At least two days shall elapse between the making of such application and the use of the Club as a member.

5.  A candidate not elected shall not be proposed again for election within a period of twelve months.

6.  On election of a new member the Secretary shall notify the same to he/she in writing, furnishing him/her with a copy of the rules and request him/her to pay an entrance fee and first suscription to the Treasurer. If payment be not made within one month from the date of the Secretary's notice the election shall be void unless sufficient cause be shown to the satisfaction of the Committee.

7.  Membership fees shall be decided annually at the Annual General meeting.

8.  All annual subscritions (except as provided by rule 6) shall be payable on the first day of January in each year and if after a reminder has been given a subscription has not been paid on or before the first of June following the defaulter shall thereupon cease to be a member of the club. He/She may at the discretion of the Committee be re-admitted to membership on payment of all arrears without payment of any further entrance fee. 

9.  Any member may resign membership by giving the Secretary notice in writing to that effect.

10. If at any time the Committee shall be of the opion that the interests of the Club so require they may by letter invite any member to resign from the Club within a time specified in such letter. In default of resigination the question of expulsion shall be submitted to a Special General meeting to be held within three weeks after the date specified in such letter as the date before which he/she shall
have been invited to resign. The member whose expulsion is sought shall have notice of such meeting and of the grounds onwhich it is sought to expel him/her. At such meeting the member shall be allowed to offer explanation for his/her conduct verbally or in writing and if  two-thirds of the members present shall vote for his/her expulsion he/she shall therfore cease to be a member of the Club PROVIDED that the voting at any such Special General meeting shall be by ballot if not less than twelve members present thereat shall so demand. It shall be in the power of the Committee to exclude such member from the clubhouse and grounds until such Special General meeting be held.

11 Any person on ceasing to be a member of the Club shal forfeit all right to and claim upon the Club, its property and funds.

12. The entire management of the Club (except as otherwise provided by these rules) shall be deputed to a Committee consisting of the Chairman, Team Captains, Secretaries, Treasurers, Welfar Officer and other members elected at the Annual General Meeting being 9 members in all provide that no person shall be elected to the Committee unless he/she has been a member for at least tweve months.

13. At the Annual General Meeting members of the Committee shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election. Any two members may propose any candidate or candidates and every member shall be entitled to vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies to be filled. The candidates up to the number of vacancies who shall receive most votes shall be declared elected and in the case of two or more candidates receiving an equal number of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.

14. In the event of a vacancy on the Committee the Committee shall have power to appoint any member of the Club to fill such vacancy but the proceedings of the club shall not be invalidated in consequence of there being less than the prescribed number of members thereof.

15. The President shall be elected by the members and shall hold office until death or resignation unless removed from office by a resolution of the Committee or members.

16. The property of the Club shall be vested in four Trustees who shall be appointed by the Committee and the property of the Club shall be vested in them to be dealt with by them as the Committee may from time to time direct by resolution of which an entry in the Minute Book shall be conclusive evidence. The Trustees shall hold office until death or resigination or until removal from office by the Committee. Where by reason of such death resignation or removal it is necessary that a new Trustee or Trustees be appointed the Committee shall nominate the person or persons to be appointed. For the purpose of giving effect to such nomination the Secretary is hereby nominated as the person to appoint new Trustees of the Club within the meaning of section 36 of the Trustee Act 1925 and he shall by deed dult appoint the person or persons so nominated  by the Committee.

17, The Committee shall meet at least once every quarter to examine the accounts and arrange the affairs of the Club. Notices of meetings shall be sent to each member. A quorum shall consist of five members. Minutes shall be taken of all proceedings of the Committee and shall be open to the inspection of any member of the applying to the Secretary therfor.

18. The Committee may from time to time appoint from among their numbers such sub-Committee (in addition to the sub-Committee under rule 23 hereof) as they deem necessary or exp[iedient and may depute or refer to them such of the powers and duties of the Committee as the Committee may determine. Such sub-Committee shall have powers to co-opt and periodically report their proceedings to the Committee and shall conduct their business  with the direction of the Committee.

19. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in the month of November in each year upon a date and time fixed by the Committee for the following purpose:-
  a)  To receive from the Committee a report balance sheet and statements of accounts for the         preceding year.
  b) To elect the Committee and to appoint auditors for the ensuring year providing that a person appointed as auditor shall not be a Trustee or member of the Committee of the Club.
  c)  To decide on any resolution which may be duly submitted to the meeting.
A copy of the audited balance sheet and statment of accounts shall be displayed in the Club house at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting.

20. The Committee may at any time for any special purpose call a special meeting and they  shall do so forthwith upon the requsition in writing of any ten members stating the purpose for which the meeting is required.

21. Seven days at least before the Annual General Meeting or any special meeting a printed or written notice of such a meeting shall be sent to every member.

22. At all general meetings of the Club every member present entitled to vote shall have one vote upon every motion and in the case of equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

23.  The quorum at all general meetings shall be as follows: For motions proposing any repeal or amendment of the rules, for the repeal of any bylaws and  for motions relating to the expulsion of any member 20 members. For all other business 12 members.

24.  The financial year of the Club shall end on the last day of September in each year to which day the accounts of the Club shall be balanced.

25.  The charges for refreshments shall be fixed by the Committee.

26.  The puchase of intoxicating liquor for supply to the Club shall be in the absolute discretion of the sub-Committee being elected members of the Committee appointed by the Committee for that purpose. In the event of any member ceasing to be a member of the Committee he shall automatically cease to be a member of the sub-Committee and another elected member of the Committee shall be appointed in his place.

27.  The supply of intoxicating liquors shall be permitted during such hours as are approved by the Licensing Justice for the Petty Sessional Division of Lackford.

28.  No person shall at any time be entitled to receive at the expense of the Club (or of any member thereof) any commission percentage or similar payment on or with reference to the purchases of intoxicating liquor by the Club nor shall any person directly or indirectly derive any pecuniary benefit  from supplying of intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the Club to members or guests apart from any benfit accruring to the Club as a whole and part also any benfit which a person derives indirectly by reason of the supply giving rise to or contributing to a general gain from the carrying on of the club.

29.  No member shall except for professional services rendered at the request of the Committee receive any profit or emoluments from funds or transactions of the Club.

30.  Every member shall be allowed to introduce visitors subject to such regulations or byelaws as shall be made from time to time by the Committee and every visitor shall be the guest of and be accompanied by the member introducing him/her both of whom shall sign the visitors book immediately on entering the Club  premises. Visitors shall be permitted to purchase drink for consumption mon thepremises where such visitors are the invited guests or some person or body utiling the whole or part of the premises for some social or sporting purpose by arrangement with the Committee PROVIDE THAT for the purpose of this sub-clause the word "Visitors" shal include members of other Clubs or organisations visiting this Club's premises in connection with organised social , sporting or recreative events.

31. The Committee shall have the power to prohibit any games within the clubhouse the playing of which would in their opinion be injurious to the interests of the Club.

32.  These rules maybe added to,repealed or amended by resolution at any Annual or Special General meeting. 14 days notice in writing of any proposed, repeal or amendment having been given to the Secretary with the name of the proposer and seconder PROVIDED  that no such resolution shall be deemed to have been passed unless it be carried by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members voting thereon.

33. The Committee shall forom time to time make ,repeal and amend all such byelaws and regulations (not inconsistent with these rules) as they shall think expiedient for the management of the pavilion and grounds and the well-being of the Club. All such byelaws and regulations shall be binding upon members until repealed by the Committee or set aside by a resolution of a General Meeting.

34.  The Committee shall have the power to make arrangements for holding matches or other like competitions including thw impostion of a charge for the admission of non-members to the grounds and to provide cups and other prizes for competions as the Committee in their discretion think proper.

35.  If at anytime the Club in General meeting pass a resolution authorising the Committee to borrow for the purpose of the Club such amount of money either at one time or from time to time and at such rate of interest and in such form and manner upon such security as shall be specified in such resolution and thereupon the Trustees shall at the discretion of the Committee make such dis[positions of the Club property or any part thereof and enter into such agreements in relation thereto as the Committee  may deem proper for giving security for such loans and interest. All members of the Club whether voting on such a resolution or not and all persons becoming members of the Club after the passing of such a resolution shal be deemed to have assented to the same as if they had voted in favour of such a resolution.

36. If at any general meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the club shall be passed by a majority of the members present and such resolution shall be at a Special General meeting held not less than one month thereafter at which not less than one-half of the members shall be present be confirmed by a resolution passed by a majority of two-thirs of the members voting thereon the Committee shall thereuponmor at such future date as shall be specified in such resolution proceed to realise the propertry of the Club and after discharge of all liabilities the Trustees of the club shall transfer the net assets remaining to a Community Amateur Sports Club, registered Charity or the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

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