"MCC would like to recognise the individuals inducted to the MildenHALL OF FAME as we consider them to be cricketing pioneers. They consistently demonstrated exceptional skills, qualities or actions which helped the development of the club and game at the MCC.Their historic significance will not diminish over time regardless of the club's or games evolution"

 HISTORY (see photo gallery for more pictures)

In March 2014 Mildenhall Cricket Club launched the "MildenHALL OF FAME" at the annual Pre-season fundraising dinner . A wall in in the pavilion was designated to contain a display of all the inductee's in what is to be an annual event. The inductee's were presented with a framed copy of their citation along with a special commissioned MildenHALL OF FAME enamel badge. The inductee's were Bill Abbs, Mike Clarke, Mike Kill, Rick Handy, Andy Squire and Kevin Boardman.

March 2015  Mildenhall Cricket Club again used the pre-season fundraising event and inducted a further three names  into the Mildenhall OF FAME. They were Gerry Widger, Peter Finnis and Tony Cornell

March 2016
. At the pre season dinner a further three names were inducted. Brian Vale (accepted by Brians' widow Wendy).Jean Cornell and Steve Hunt.

March 2017 The MOF Citations were again done after the Pre Season Dinner. Those inducted were Courtney Hicks ( accepted by his Grandson Mark Bowers), Grenville Dale and Lee Chipchase.

March 2018 For the first time only two new inductee's were introduced. Beryl Squire was introduced by Jean Cornell and accepted by Beryl's husband John.Ian Handy then spoke and introduced his brother Lou Handy

March 2019, The sub committee wanted to redress the balance of Pre Wamil Way cricket and inducted three 20th century long serving official. They were William Stockley, Dr Francis Barnwell and Major Arthur Neve. In addition there was an induction for Mike Finnis who had by 2019 held a Most Wickets in a Season (143) record for over 50 years

March 2022. After a two year wait because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Hall of Fame dinner returned with Andy Youngs being the sole inductee


To view the citation of each member of the MildenHALL OF FAME click on their name



        H.G. Abbs                                                Mike Kill                                          Mike Clarke B.E.M.       


           Rick Handy                                          Kevin Boardman                                         Andy Squire



Gerry Widger                                    Peter Finnis                                         Tony Cornell



Brian Vale                                       Jean Cornell                                       Steve Hunt



Courtney Hicks                          Grenville Dale                                   Lee Chipchase


           Beryl Squire  
                          Lou Handy       

           Michael Finnis (see joint citation link below )
  Major Arthur Neve        W G Stockley / Dr F Bardwell     
  2019 MCC HOF Citation.docx           

 Andy Youngs citation.