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  August 2019    

 View daily during the Festival of Cricket Aug 24th to Aug 28th
   12 noon till 3p.m.



We have come to the end the end of our project.  Our catalogue and indices are being finalised  so you will be able to identify what material can be viewed. Over 700 photos have been hard copied and are being sorted and boxed up.  A collection of Fixture Cards has been collated. Club minutes dating back to the 1920's have been placed in chronological order and  filed. Similarly 30 years of correspondence have been  filed. Press cuttings have being tided up and with the acquisition of a new A3 printer  we have started to capture then to a digital form on the PC.. The bases of a mobile display unit has been purchased. Leaflets have been published explaining our heritage project, along with a more fuller detailed brochure. A provisional date has been arranged with the Mildenhall Museum to house the mobile display. The Heritage Lottery Fund has agreed  a change that will now allow us to create a vinyl display of the Wamil Way milestones along the upstairs corridor wall

Please note there is a sizeable collection of team photos available now in the website gallery (see left side menu)
First X1 averages going back over 50 years will soon be available to view on this website and can also be seen  when the heritage room opens in August.

Trophy cabinets now have lists identifying all the cups and awards displayed in them.

There is an Archive Catalogue listed under the "History" pages on the left hand menu of our website. A full list of Indices is available in the archive room.

Corridor wall now painted and new spotlights fitted to the ceiling and the  project room has been re decorated. The room is now fitted out with two desks and store cupboards in place. Mobile display  unit has been created. Display panels added to corridor.


Contributions have come from Lou Handy, Andy Squire, Rose Ornbo, Mike Clarke, Kay Sallis, Andy Broome , Steve Bone, Nick Allen, John Child, Kevin Boardman, Peter Finnis, Nick Allen.

Help also has come from Dustin Wilder, Jack Bowman, Matt Allen, Matt Cobbold, Kiefer Renouf,Alan Finnis, Lee Chipchase, Dave Bowers. Kayleigh Thurston, Jack Tuffs

Kay Finnis and Jean Cornell have been hard working Archive fielders
Andy Youngs  has headed up the Wall project.
Tony Cornell has interviewed Mike Kill (click here) about his recollections of the 60's and has also interviewed Lou Handy, (click here) asking him about his early days with the club.. more recordings  have  taken place with  Kevin Boardman, Tony Cornell and Peter Finnis.