The Club has now formalised a range of Conduct policies please click on the links below to review these policies. These policies have been drawn up using guidelines and templates within the ECB's "Safe Hands" .Where we have no policy listed we would refer to "Safe Hands" for dealing with any matters arsing.   Breach of these policies may involve disiplinary action being taken by Mildenhall Cricket Club or by any league  or competition committee that the club is a member of.

Please take time to read the policies below. However we ask that you go to your own profile, click on "other" and put YES in the "Induction read and Acknowledged" box to signify you know where these policies can be found.

2018.Code of Conduct for Children .pdf

2018.Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers .pdf

2016.Code of Conduct for Cricket Club Members and Guests.pdf

2016. MCC Changing Policy.pdf

2016. MCC Photography of children policy.pdf

2018.06.06 MCC Policy on Subscriptions, Match Fees and Travel.pdf

2016. MCC Policy on Transporting Children.pdf

2016. MCC Safeguarding Policy Statement.pdf

2016.MCC Social Media Policy.pdf

2016 Conduct for use of MCC Forum.pdf


ECB Cricket Equity Policy.

MCC guidelines for dealing with an incident or accident.