"139 Years Not Out"  
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  A swamp like meadow greeted the very first ever eleven Gentlemen of Mildenhall in 1876 ( same year Alexander Bell patented the first telephone ). The opposition that day was the Norfolk town Thetford, the visitor's total of 99 was more than enough to ensure Mildenhall's awaited very first match was labelled as a disaster. Two years after the MCC made its less than memorable start they made there first move, because of the initial pitch being too swampy. Just eleven years later the club died, suffering a long illness, symptoms being financial difficulty and lack of interest.

From this the club re-emerged with what could be said as a touch of god. The Reverend H. Wooley became the Treasurer and Secretary and took on the job of resurrecting the soul of the club. His divine intervention allowed Mildenhall to finally climb out of the red in 1902.

Though the membership continued to shine the team's scores regularly remained well under the cloudy heights of three figures. After years of setting records including their lowest recorded total of seven all out Mildenhall Cricket Club ceased trading though offered more than equal competition against Adolf Hitler and his rest of the World XI.

In 1946 the club moved to its third premises, St Andrew's Street, now known as Recreation Way. This provided the Suffolk town with a home for twenty-six years, however they had to share with the football club, with the square providing much of the centre circle. In the last days of the 50's a 2nd X1 was re introduced under the captaincy of Roger Pendleton. 1966 as the great England team picked up World Cup Mildenhall recorded another first, with ten ducks in a total of twenty-one against Histon. Former President The Late Bill Abbs became a historic figure during this time and a prominent character in the history of the club. He was a man who developed a fan base across the region and became renowned for his awesome batting displays and unmatched sportsmanship.

Also in  the 1960's Mildenhall started to grow as an "Overspill" town bringing in new members and through a playing member Brian Vale, a weekly bingo session was launched that provided a fund that paved the way for the club to purchase its own ground.The club secretary Mike Clarke developed the blue print to bring sports facilities to Wamil Way. He and the then treasurer Tony Cornell embarked on a two year project to transfer the club to new premises. This final move proved to be a superb twist of fortune, for their move to Riverside ground in 1972 inspired results, teams, players, fixtures and adventures of epic scale. Mildenhall could also boast not only a county standard wicket but also one of the best in the East of England. Since moving to Wamil Way the groundsmen Mike Clarke and Mike Kill have tended their hallowed turf with much love and affection and Mike Kill is still actively preparing wickets and manicuring the ground nearly forty years later.

Through the 1970s although they had facilities comparable with top clubs in the county, the club continued to only play friendly weekend fixtures and it was not until 1981that the club joined the "Dairytime Suffolk League and Mildenhall finally began to increase the quality of their cricket and opposition.

                                                                               Wamil Walk 1998

They entered the Two Counties league in 1990. Following the move  to Wamil the club had run a successful Sunday morning Wamil Wasps football team, however in the early 1990's the pitch was transformed into a second cricket field and a 3rd X1 started. An artificial surface was subseqently added in 1998. The Two Counties league provided a better standard and in three years the 1st X1 had powered their way through to Division One (where they were runners-up the season prior to entering the EAPL) from the basement Division Three. Notable contributions to the advancement of the quality and development  of cricket played came from the Squire, Handy and the Grinling families and other  local cricketers, and not forgetting the wide youth base, cultivated by Kevin Boardman. Boardman can only be described as an inspirational coach to many of today's, and hopefully future stars. 1999 the club took on its first professional coach and broadened its catchment of players in order to compete in the  East Anglia Premier League.

Since the new Millenium the club has been relegated back to the Two Counties league but  has continued to develop its youth section , winning all three Suffolk Youth cups on three seperate occasions. The club has started a Ladies team (2008) and a Fourth X1 on Saturdays (2010). The Pavilion was re-developed in 2009 with funding from the ECB Cricket Community Development Fund (CCDF) and Forest Heath District Council (FHDC). In 2011 the club boasted its first England player when Tymal Mills played for England U19's test team against Sri Lanka in Colombo.


                                                                                                                                                                                                        Wamil Walk 2009

Mildenhall are currently back  playing in the EAPL 

For a potted history through the years read the MCC Milestones 


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