MILDENHALL CRICKET CLUB - 120 over match points

EAPL 120 match

 MATCH POINTS  for a 120 overs EAPL game


Win                               Team batting first                      30 points

                                    Team batting second                 25 points

Tie                                                                               15 points each

Draw                                                                             3 points each

Loss                                                                              0 points

Cancelled                                                                      7 points

Abandoned                                                                    7 points

Scores level                  Team batting first                     3 points

In drawn match              Team batting second                5 points

An abandoned match is defined as one where the first innings has not been completed.  If a match is not completed in the second innings, the result is a draw; but both sides will receive a minimum of 7 points each.

No game shall be cancelled without the agreement of a member of the Premier League Umpires panel.


Bonus points will be awarded to a losing team and to both teams in the event of a drawn or tied match.

One point for reaching 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 runs. 

These will be doubled for the side batting first but will only be available up to and including the 60th Over.

One point for taking  2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 wickets or 5 points if a side is all out regardless of the number of wickets actually taken.


Less than 17 but greater than 16 overs per hour                          1 point

16 overs or less but greater than 15 overs per hour                     2 points

15 overs per hour or less                                                               5 points

This penalty will not apply if an innings lasts less than two hours.